It’s wintertime… and it finally feels like winter here in Charlotte, NC. How about that 70+ degree holiday we just had? With the new chill in the air, I often turn to one of my favorite cooking methods: Braising. I find it brings forth the ‘comforting’ flavors we all often crave in cooler weather, and while usually used for certain cuts of meat, it’s also great for vegetables.

Braising is a long-time cooking technique that allows meats or veggies to tenderize over time using a slow-cook – after an initial searing to lock in juices and create charring notes. The trick here is you’re using both dry and moist heat to bring out the flavors. Here at Flatiron I often braise meats like pork belly or short rib in our nightly specials. (My favorites). They’re great to work with because of the inherent fats and richness in the cuts.

The best part of braising? Believe it or not, you can do this at home, too. I found this Bon Appetit article helpful for simplifying the technique so you can try it on your own. And if you can’t quite get it down yet, come join us here at Flatiron and we’ll cook something up for you!

Click here for the Bon Appetit article.