There is a Global shift in recent years in regards to the way we think about our food. We are giving more thought to where our food comes from, how it was raised, grown, slaughtered and what affect it has on the planet and our lives. I myself have recently stopped consuming land animals and dairy as part of my diet. Mostly because I feel that consuming these animals supports the deplorable, inhumane treatment that goes on in the factory farms all over the world; not to mention the negative environmental impact. I have limited my diet to vegetables, fruit, grains and seafood.

   As a Chef I have tried just about every diet available. I have done this in order to have a better understanding of how certain foods affect my physical and mental being. The latest journey has yielded the most incredible results. I have lost twenty five pounds in the first two months and I feel better than I have in years. With this change in diet I have lowered my blood pressure and according to my wife, stopped snoring. I wake up every day without the bloated feeling I have said good morning to for so many years and I don’t have that morning brain fog any longer. My mind also feels much sharper.

  This new perspective has also been a rewarding experience creatively. After so many years of featuring the protein on the plate as the star, I am now challenged with showcasing vegetables, grains and vibrant plant-based sauces. It has allowed me to learn more about cooking and expand my repertoire tremendously. This is a win/win for me and I encourage all Chefs to give it a shot, even if you’re not on a plant based diet. I now sell a traditional entrée feature as well as a plant based feature every night. I was surprised to find out when I compared sales that it was dead even. Even diners who eat meat are ordering the other option and they all comment positively.

I have written in a past blog about eating humanely and responsibly. Since then, I have read a tremendous amount of data and research, watched documentary after documentary and I have landed in the place I am today. We all make changes in our lives at some point. We don’t always adhere to them but I can speak for myself when I say that I feel that what I am doing and the way I think about what I eat will be a lifelong commitment to stay healthy and care about the animals we share our planet with. I hope at some point everyone will give some valued thought to the positive impact a simple change can have.