It is very important to me to know precisely where the product used in my cooking comes from – whether it is grown, caught or raised. This should be a major responsibility of all Chefs. I recently started sourcing my chicken from Springer Mountain Farms out of Mount Airy, Georgia. Springer Mountain Farms invests a lot of time and money in raising their birds to be as content, clean and stress free as possible. They work closely with the Humane Society and Scientists to insure the best quality of life for their animals.  I am an animal advocate & I love food.  That may sound contradictory, but it is essential to know that the animals that are being raised for my cooking and YOUR consumption, are being raised happy – and living healthy lives.  If you choose to take this approach, It will benefit us all. This is certainly not something you can say about these mass chicken producers! I am proud to feature SMF Chicken on my menu.

Be a responsible Chef, build good relationships with the people that grow and raise your food and be aware of what exactly you are putting on the table.

-Chef Bill Schutz