I like to look at summertime as a great time to add new items to our menu at Flatiron. Recently, I’ve added the Salmon Belly (Toro) to the menu. As someone who filets salmon everyday, I know very well that the belly of the salmon is so thin and tender that if you cook it with the main filet, it will be cooked far before the rest of the fish.

As a chef, I strongly believe in respecting nature and using the whole animal as much as possible, so I am offering the belly as a separate dish. Here at Flatiron, I serve it with a Yuzu-Miso glaze, Jalapeno and micro cilantro. The glaze caramelizes on the grill and gives it a really nice flavor.

Ask our servers to help you pair your dish with one of our delicious wines, too. It’ll be even more beautiful.