It’s the time of year when we anticipate the farm-fresh veggies that will be coming our way in the spring time… but they’re not ready… not yet! At this time of year, I feel lucky to get to work with Harmony Ridge Farms to get in some heartier vegetables like kale, turnips and radishes. BUT, I have to say, my favorite things to cook in winter are celery root (Celeriac), parsnips and mushrooms.

I love roasting parsnips and celery root and also making purees with them Рthey accompany a meat or seafood beautifully. I often saut̩ mushrooms too, because they bring a wonderful earthiness and unique texture to a plate.

Here’s to those spring veggies that are on their way… but I will continue to delight in the bounty we have today!
-Chef Bill Schutz