About that New Pork Belly Slider!

About that New Pork Belly Slider!

Last month, I chatted up our delicious Salmon Belly, and I couldn’t overlook our other new addition, the Pork Belly Slider. Just like the salmon dish, I use the underside of the animal – that soft, tender, fatty part of the meat that brings about an amazing flavor that melts in your mouth – all on it’s own. Our Pork Belly slider is served with fresh cucumber, cilantro slaw and Hoisin.

Come in and try one of these savory treats. I know you’ll love it.

One little note of thanks for coming in to see us this summer… whether with family visitors, after a day at the lake or just as one of our regulars, we appreciate your business, and are so glad to have the honor to feed you delicious meals over and over again!

Delightfully NEW ~ Salmon Toro

I like to look at summertime as a great time to add new items to our menu at Flatiron. Recently, I’ve added the Salmon Belly (Toro) to the menu. As someone who filets salmon everyday, I know very well that the belly of the salmon is so thin and tender that if you cook it with the main filet, it will be cooked far before the rest of the fish.

As a chef, I strongly believe in respecting nature and using the whole animal as much as possible, so I am offering the belly as a separate dish. Here at Flatiron, I serve it with a Yuzu-Miso glaze, Jalapeno and micro cilantro. The glaze caramelizes on the grill and gives it a really nice flavor.

Ask our servers to help you pair your dish with one of our delicious wines, too. It’ll be even more beautiful.

Here’s to Spring!

It’s the time of year for tea lights, crisp wine flavors, and bright, fresh ingredients. All this spring fever brings on a tremendous number of people looking to have small events catered… for showers, wedding parties, and even home gatherings.

And we get why.

Catering an event allows you, the host or hostess, to get lost in conversation with your guests, savor sitting next to an old friend, and enjoy your time as much as your guests do.

At Flatiron we do a wide variety of catering, but probably my favorite is when I get to cook a six or 7 course tasting menu for 10-12 people in their homes. It’s an incredible opportunity to create a creative menu, paired with delicious wine and warm service.

Let me know if we can help you at your next event – whether in-home, in the board room or a simple office lunch. We’d love to be a part of it.

Happy Spring to all of you.

Thinking Sweet Thoughts

The aftermath of Valentine’s Day always has me thinking sweet thoughts… about dessert, that is. I love a dessert to cap off a meal. It’s fun. It’s delicious. And nothing says you treasured spending time with people quite like having that one next course. Here at Flatiron, my two favorite desserts to make in house are the Creme Brulee and the Caramel & Sea Salt Bread and Butter Pudding.

I’m a bit partial to the Bread Pudding though. I love the slight sweetness contrasted with the sprinkle of Maldon Sea salt. Come try it some evening… when you’re among friends, and the goodbyes can wait for a later time.

The Braising Technique

The Braising Technique

It’s wintertime… and it finally feels like winter here in Charlotte, NC. How about that 70+ degree holiday we just had? With the new chill in the air, I often turn to one of my favorite cooking methods: Braising. I find it brings forth the ‘comforting’ flavors we all often crave in cooler weather, and while usually used for certain cuts of meat, it’s also great for vegetables.

Braising is a long-time cooking technique that allows meats or veggies to tenderize over time using a slow-cook – after an initial searing to lock in juices and create charring notes. The trick here is you’re using both dry and moist heat to bring out the flavors. Here at Flatiron I often braise meats like pork belly or short rib in our nightly specials. (My favorites). They’re great to work with because of the inherent fats and richness in the cuts.

The best part of braising? Believe it or not, you can do this at home, too. I found this Bon Appetit article helpful for simplifying the technique so you can try it on your own. And if you can’t quite get it down yet, come join us here at Flatiron and we’ll cook something up for you!

Click here for the Bon Appetit article.


Visit to Adrienne’s Pizza Bar

Visit to Adrienne’s Pizza Bar

After the Starchefs International Chefs Congress, I took off my badge and hit the streets of NYC – specifically to go visit Adrienne’s Pizza Bar where my brother in law, Master Pizzaiolo Nick Angelis, makes incredible pies. With a line often wrapping around and crowds swelling throughout the day, it delights even those who claim to be “fussy” about their Italian food.

With all I had savored and experienced at the SICC, this was perhaps the highlight of the trip: Nick and I spent the afternoon with the dust of pizza on our hands.

There’s always something special about cooking with family. And I guess it’s even more special when it’s capped off with what many think is the best pizza on the planet.

Attending Starchef’s International Chefs Congress

Attending Starchef’s International Chefs Congress

For the past several years, I’ve taken an enviable trip to the Starchefs International Chefs Congress. It’s kind of a ‘who’s who’ of chefs from all over the world. This year, the event carried a Spanish theme – featuring chefs including Quique Dacosta and Mario Sandoval. Being in their presence was inspiring enough, but we had the chance to partake in lectures about unique philosophies of food, revolutionary cooking techniques, and sustainability in the kitchen.

I took an amazing Gluten Free Flower Power class, and an Advanced Pasta class. Both of which saturated my mind with ideas for our Flatiron kitchen process, menu development and seasonal dishes.

With our burgeoning foodie culture right here in Davidson, I relish any chance to cultivate our team… better food comes out of our kitchen. And that means we bring even better food to your table.

Seasonal Flavors

Seasonal Flavors

There’s something about the crispness of an Autumn day that somehow makes us crave warmth – and that warmth is often satiated by certain flavors.

For me, squash – whether an Acorn or a Butternut – is one of the quintessential ingredients of seasonal cuisine in the fall months. It’s incredibly versatile with it’s sweet notes, soft texture, and earthy colors. I find it accompanies entrees tremendously well as a side, and it also adds depth as an ingredient in Risottos or Raviolis.

With my moderate squash obsession, I’m pulling these flavors into a couple of dishes here at Flatiron.

  • We’ve got it alongside the Joyce Farms Chicken Breast.
  • We’ll also have butternut squash on the Ricotta dumpling (Gnudi) dish… coming soon!
  • From week to week, our team will also be utilizing the rich flavors in our seasonal soups.

We’ll look forward to having you in soon – and please stop one of us and ask if you’re coming in specifically to seek out those warmer flavors of fall. We’ll be happy to make some good, seasonal recommendations. See you soon!

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